Berkeley County
West Virginia
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Berkeley County Council
400 W. Stephen St. Ste. 201
Martinsburg, WV 25401
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ADDRESS SEARCH: If you know the address, you may enter it here.
Example: 380 West South Street can be entered as '380 W SOUTH'.
Also, keep in mind, that in this addressing, prefixes and suffixes are abbreviated.
Example: WEST SOUTH ST is actually 'W SOUTH ST'.

ADDRESS BY STREET NAME SEARCH: Enter the street name only. If you are not
sure of the spelling, type in a portion of the name.
Example: For W SOUTH ST you could type in 'SOU', and the search engine will
return all streets that contain that sequence in alphabetical order by number.

DOOR NUMBER SEARCH: Enter the door number only.
Example: For 380 W SOUTH ST, you can enter '380'. The search engine will return
all addresses that start with 380.

SUBDIVISION SEARCH: Enter the name of the subdivision. If you
are not sure of the spelling, then enter a partial name.
Example: You could enter 'PARK' and the search will return all subdivisions with
PARK in the name.

FIND A STREET: This search will assist you in finding a street,
NOT by address, just the full street you are looking for. You can type any portion
of the street name, ie 'WIN' for 'WINCHESTER' and a list will be returned with every
street name that contains 'WIN'.

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